The Eagle’s Nest

The Obersalzberg Mountain – a journey through time

Eagle's Nest, Mount Kehlstein Eagle's Nest, Mount Kehlstein The “Eagle’s Nest” on the top of the Kehlstein mountain in Berchtesgaden is a place with a dark history. The Eagle’s Nest (Kehlsteinhaus) was built by order of Martin Bormann and the NSDAP and presented to Adolf Hitler for his 50th birthday. From this day on the beautifully located house was strongly connected to the Third Reich. Although Adolf Hitler visited the Eagle’s Nest only very rarely, the spirit of the barbarous dictator is still present. Small wonder that the government wanted to demolish the building in the 1960s. Exactly like the command centre of Hitler in the Obersalzberg Mountain, which was destroyed by allied bombing, the Eagle’s Nest should be removed from the beauty of the Bavarian landscape, or so the argument ran. Today it is a mountain restaurant, and visitors come to gawp at the architecture of the massive building. Even the path from the parking area is remarkable. A 124-metre-long tunnel covered with natural stones leads through mountain formation. At the end of the tunnel there is a brass-lined elevator with magnificent decorations. A 41-second ride takes visitors directly into the Eagle’s Nest with its meter-wide ground walls. From the Eagle’s Nest you can enjoy breathtaking panoramic views from an altitude of 1834 metres above sea level.

The architecture of the Eagle’s Nest is unique in the world. The massive altitude difference of 700 metres between the top of the Obersalzberg Mountain and the parking area of the Eagle’s Nest is connected by road by one single hair-pin bend which crosses the Kehlstein Mountain twice on its north-west slope. Today the road is closed to the public – a bus will take you up to the top.

The Eagle’s Nest is owned by a foundation of the federal state of Bavaria. Proceeds go to charitable causes. The Eagle’s Nest is open from May to October.

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