Museum of Natural History in Salzburg

Discovering, exploring, experience: the museum of natural history

Even in the most beautiful city some rainclouds may come and try to spoil your perfect day. Should this be the case, the Museum of Natural History (Haus der Natur) is a good alternative solution. The "Haus der Natur" (House of Nature) is the ideal venue, especially for children – there are plenty of things to see and to explore. Even on a sunny day it will be worth your while making a short stop at the museum in the centre of Salzburg. The brand-new café on the roof terrace is a fantastic place to have a short coffee break while enjoying the sun. What attractions are there to see at the Museum of Natural History?

One of the main attractions is the aquarium, which is one of the most beautiful aquariums in central Europe. More than 40 tanks give you fascinating insights into the underwater world. You can see small, big, colourful, pale, domestic and exotic fish up close. The section with the reptilian zoo is very exciting too – in 56 enclosures you will have the chance to see more than 200 animals such as poisonous snakes, saurian and alligators. But there is even more to see: The Museum of Natural History contains 35 exhibitions. The space hall shows the landing on the moon, a futuristic space city and provides visitors with interesting information about our planetary system. The new science centre will be an unforgettable experience: 80 experiment points are waiting for children and adults who want to explore the features of life on earth and learn more about technology and natural science. You can find more interesting information about mammals, the ice age or different mineral in the other exhibition halls.

Haus der Natur

Museumsplatz 5, 5020 Salzburg
Phone: +43 (662) 84 26 53

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