Mozart’s residence

Mozart’s living room and workroom

Mozart's Residence Mozart's Residence In 1773, when he was 17 years old, Mozart moved with his family to his new home on the Makartplatz, on the opposite side of the Salzach. The former “Tanzmeisterhaus” on the Hannibalplatz (today’s Makartplatz) offered more room for playing music and meeting with friends. In the new house Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart wrote symphonies, piano and violin concerts, arias, divertimenti, serenades and a bassoon concerto from 1773 - 1780. He composed the "re pastore" K. 208 and began his "La Finta giardiniera" K. 196 and "Idomeneo" K. 366.

The “Tanzmeisterhaus” (literally: the dancing master’s Mozart's Residence Mozart's Residence house) itself was first named in 1617 and consisted of two separate houses until 1685. The name results from its use for dancing lessons for the aristocracy from 1711. A dancing master gave young aristocrats dancing lessons and prepared them for life at court. The owner of the Tanzmeisterhaus, Franz Gottlieb Speckner, was witness to the marriage of Mozart’s parents in 1747. Back in 1765 the Mozart family had thought about moving into a bigger residence but the decision was postponed due to numerous journeys. In 1767 Franz Karl Gottlieb Speckner died at the age of 62 – his cousin Maria Anna Raab, known in the Mozart literature as “Tanzmeister Mitzerl”, inherited the house. She stopped organising balls and let the accommodation out for marriages and other events.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart left Salzburg, his sister Nannerl married and moved to St. Gilgen and his mother died 1778 in Paris leaving his father Leopold alone in the spacious quarters. After Leopold’s death the house had various owners.

In 1944 the house was destroyed by a bomb attack. In 1955 the International Mozarteum Foundation bought the former residence of Mozart and – after numerous reconstruction works – opened the present museum in 1996. The exhibitions provide visitor with an insight into Mozart and his family’s life. Enjoy a visit to the former residence of Mozart in Salzburg!

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