Salzburg Museum

Excellent exhibitions about the history of Salzburg

Glory hall in the new residence Glory hall in the new residence A new attraction on the Mozartplatz: This magnificent new residence has housed the Salzburg museum since 2007, exuding a refreshing and modern style. Previously known as Salzburg Museum Carolino Augusteum, today Salzburg Museum convinces with a new design. Permanent and periodical exhibitions give insights into the fascination of the city of Salzburg. The “Mythos Salzburg” (the myth of Salzburg) exhibition, for instance, attempts to explain the origins of the romantic image of the city. The “Schatzkammer” (treasure room) contains 18 items of international interest from three millennia – from the Bronze Age, the heliolithic period, the la tène period, the roman period and the romantic and gothic era. “Salzburg persönlich” (Salzburg on an individual level) deals with people who were important for the city. You can find historic and contemporary art in the columned hall and in the art hall. Important works of art, interesting content and multimedia animations form a harmonious whole. The different exhibitions allow you to explore various new things. For its new design, Salzburg Museum was awarded the European Museum of the Year Award 2009 and the Austrian Museum of the Year Award 2007. Enjoy a visit to the Salzburg Museum at the new residence.

Salzburg Museum

Mozartplatz 1, 5010 Salzburg
Phone: +43 (0)662 62 08 08-700

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