Salt mines in Hallein near Salzburg

The white gold – the origins of the richness of Salzburg

The princedom of Salzburg was rich and mighty. A large part of this boundless wealth came from underground – from the salt mines of the Dürnberg Mountain near Hallein. The white gold, which gave the city of Salzburg one part of its name (salt is “Salz” in German), was very valuable. The history of the Dürnberg Mountain salt mines stretches as far back as Celtic times. Today the salt may seem quite unimpressive, but it has a huge importance for the history for the whole region. The white gold was a real treasure for all concerned. Today the salt mines are open for visitors and they are some of the oldest show mines in the world.

Hallein is the second biggest city in the federal state of Salzburg and is located about 15 kilometres south of Salzburg. Hallein is especially famous for its winding medieval lanes and the Celtic museum, which contains unique exhibits from the early Celtic era. 800 metres above Hallein is the pilgrimage site of Bad Dürnberg where the salt mines are located. Your expedition to the salt world of the Dürnberg Mountain starts with changing into traditional miners’ clothes. Completely dressed in white, a small miners’ train takes you deep into tunnels of the salt mines. Wooden mine slides will bring you deeper and deeper underground. A miner relates the history of the salt and the mines of the Dürnberg Mountain while you glide on a float across the world-famous salt lake, surrounded by mysterious sounds. You will finish off the guided tour with interesting multimedia information. As soon as you leave the salt mines to see the daylight again, you can explore the Celtic village at the Dürnberg Mountain with the same ticket. You can learn more about the life of the Celts at the Celtic museum in Hallein where your ticket is also valid. Enjoy your visit to the salt mines in Hallein near Salzburg!

Salt mines Hallein

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