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Salzburg city break in the footsteps of Wolf-Dietrich

Salzburg Fortress and Cathedral Salzburg Fortress and Cathedral The name Altstadthotel Wolf-Dietrich is derived from one of the most famous and important sons of Salzburg: Prince Archbishop Wolf-Dietrich von Raitenau, who reigned from 1587 to 1612. He left above all architectural traces in the city of Mozart, which you can follow during a short break or a city break in Salzburg. The city owes its baroque appearance largely to Wolf-Dietrich, who acquired the position of the capitular aged just 12 and became thereafter an absolutist Renaissance sovereign.

During a city break in Salzburg you will find – starting from Altstadthotel Wolf-Dietrich, which is centrally located by the Linzer Gasse – Mirabell Palace Mirabell Palace numerous famous sights on which the archbishop left his mark. During his lifetime, Salzburg was a prosperous archbishopric whose wealth was based largely on the salt of Dürnberg, which was also called “white gold”. If you start your walk through the city at Altstadthotel Wolf-Dietrich, within a few minutes you will reach the Mirabell Palace with its beautifully kept park and curious dwarf garden – a must see for your short breaks in Salzburg. Wolf-Dietrich commissioned the construction of this building (originally called palace Altenau) for his spouse Salome Alt, with whom he was reputed to have sired 15 children. Some say even 18 children.

Salzburg Cathedral Salzburg Cathedral After crossing the Stadtbrücke (state bridge), you will reach the historic part of Salzburg’s inner city, where the cathedral, constructed under Wolf-Dietrich, is worth a visit. In this large baroque building you will find, among other things, the baptismal font in which Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was baptised. The composer staged many of his works in this sumptuous cathedral, which has a very good acoustic. The construction of the cathedral was preceded by a terrible fire in 1598, which was reason enough for Wolf-Dietrich to tear down the church building and re-construct it according to his plans. His ruthless behaviour, however, was surprisingly interrupted owing to his arrest and imprisonment at the Hohensalzburg fortress. You can reach this medieval castle with the cable car or on foot after a short, but steep walk, for which you will be rewarded with a breathtaking view over the rooftops of Salzburg.

Turning back to Altstadthotel Wolf-Dietrich, trace again the footsteps of the archbishop of Salzburg: At one of the most beautiful cemeteries of the city, which lies hidden behind the Linzer Gasse, you will find the tomb of Wolf-Dietrich in a small chapel. Enjoy short breaks in Salzburg at Hotel Wolf-Dietrich.

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