Salzburg Zoo - Tiergarten Hellbrunn

A short walk through the fauna of the world

Zebra in the Salzburg Zoo Zebra in the Salzburg Zoo Animals have always been a source of fascination. This is especially the case for non-domestic animals like cats of prey and reptiles. Many different animals have found a new home at the Zoo in Hellbrunn in Salzburg – some endangered species among them. In all, more than 800 wild animals from 140 species live here. You can watch the animals in an environment close to their natural surroundings. One of the main goals of the zoo in Salzburg is to combine the beauty of the landscape of the Hellbrunn Mountain with the natural environment of the animals. As a result of these efforts and through numerous phases of rebuilding an extraordinary beautiful zoo was created – not only for the visitor. Whenever possible, fences and gutters have been avoided. In the new big habitats, small and big animals live together in the wild. The natural balance is also guaranteed by using plants which are similar to the wild forms in the natural habitats of the animals. Therefore it’s quite possible that you won’t find the mountain lion because he is enjoying the sun in the treetops.

With a total area of 14 hectares, a visit to Salzburg Zoo is as an unforgettable experience for adults and children alike. The Eurasian griffons living free at the Salzburg Zoo are world famous. Seeing the impressive scavenger being fed up close is an experience that you won’t forget for a while. And at the petting zoo you can feed the animals yourself. Even well known domestic animals are displayed in a completely new way, lying in wait with lots of interesting information. Short journeys to Africa, America and Eurasia are also possible at Salzburg Zoo – for example a trip to the white rhinos and antelopes, bears, lynxes and groundhogs. The tropical centre where funny tiny monkeys climb above your head and the feeding machine for cats of prey are also very special attractions: If hunting leopards are about to be feed, a Bowden cable with meat blasts at 60 km/h through the enclosure attracting the beasts of prey to hunt prey. Another highlight is the night zoo. From the end of July to the beginning of September the Salzburg Zoo has extended opening hours (last entrance 9.30 pm).

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