Water features at Hellbrunn Palace

The trick fountains - pleasure and fun in Hellbrunn

Hellbrunn Trick Fountains Hellbrunn Trick Fountains When the sun shines in Salzburg, people cry out for refreshment. The most elegant refreshment you will get is at Hellbrunn Palace near the city of Salzburg. Fun and refreshment are guaranteed with the water features (or "trick fountains") at Hellbrunn Palace – corresponding to its original function as pleasure palace. The water features at Hellbrunn Palace are unique worldwide. Here you can experience the former pleasures of the Prince Archbishops of Salzburg: mysterious gorges, water-operated tabletop games and surprising water fountains in every corner of the Hellbrunn Palace. The water features have inspired visitors for about 400 years. The name says it all: the water features in Hellbrunn are an extraordinary pleasure which you should not miss.

In 1612 the Prince Archbishop Markus Sittikus of Hohenems ordered the construction of the country estate. The location for the new palace was an area abundant with water around the Hellbrunn Mountain. Markus Sittikus, a lover of Italian art and culture, commissioned the builder of the Salzburg Cathedral, Santino Solari with the construction of his summer residence. Hellbrunn Palace should be as magnificent as its Mediterranean archetypes. In just three years an architectural jewel was built at the southern periphery of Salzburg. Even today, Hellbrunn Palace is one of the most gorgeous Renaissance buildings north of the Alps.

The Archbishops rarely used Hellbrunn Palace as a residence. From the day of its construction the palace with its magnificent ballrooms, beautiful gardens and amusing water fountains was used as location for extravagant parties. Hellbrunn Palace was a meeting place for arts and culture, spectacular festivities, dance, theatre, and for all sorts of events.

Markus Sittikus also transformed the natural stone quarry in Hellbrunn. A new stage was built which is known as “Steintheater” (Stone theatre). The Steintheater is the oldest open-air stage in Europe. While many plays were performed on the stage during the reign of the Archbishops, only a few events take place at the Steintheater today. At the top of the Hellbrunn Mountains you will find the “Monatsschlössl”, originally called “Waldems”. It was built in 1615 for Archbishop Markus Sittikus within a spectacularly short time frame of just a few months – a fact that explains its name today. The little palace with wonderful views over the Hellbrunn Palace park is thought to have been built for the Archbishop’s concubine. Today the Monatsschlössl houses the folklore museum of the Salzburg museum Carolino Augusteum. The exhibition focuses on the customs and traditions of Salzburg.

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