Salzburg in one day on the heels of Wolf-Dietrich

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and cleverly unites its long, eventful history with contemporary influences. If you’re looking to experience Salzburg in one day, we have just the right tips for you in retracing the steps of Wolf-Dietrich.


Short trip on Wolf-Dietrich’s heels

Hohensalzburg Fortress

Wolf-Dietrich was exceedingly ruthless when rebuilding Salzburg Cathedral. His idealistic views were interrupted by the invasion of Berchtesgaden by Salzburgian troops in 1611, which in turn was answered by a Bavarian invasion of Salzburg. Wolf-Dietrich’s nephew and successor Markus Sittikus initially locked his uncle inside the Hohenwerfen Fortress before moving him to the Fürstenstube inside Hohensalzburg Fortress, where he died on 16 January 1617, presumably due to a stroke.


If you want to experience Salzburg in one day, you mustn’t miss out on the Fortress. The Festungsbahn makes both the ascent and the descent distinctively quicker and more relaxed. Gain deep insights into medieval life during a guided tour. If you’re lucky, you might even be able to listen to one of the stunning fortress concerts or the baroque fanfares of the tower brass band.


Mausoleum on St. Sebastian’s Cemetery

After the public laying-out in St. Peter’s Abbey, Wolf-Dietrich was ceremoniously buried on St. Sebastian’s Cemetery, which also marks the end of your tour of Salzburg in 24 hours and is in close proximity to the Altstadthotel.


The cemetery not only holds the archbishop’s mausoleum, but also many other graves of well-known persons, such as Mozart’s wife Constanze von Nissen and his father Leopold as well as Paracelsus. The quiet, green oasis in the midst of the hustle and bustle of Salzburg’s  historic city centre is equally unreal and fascinating.


The Altstadthotel for Salzburg guests

Experience Salzburg in one day and fully relax in the Altstadthotel Wolf-Dietrich: Look forward to an extensive range of services from the delicious, rich breakfast buffet from 7-11 am to the arrangement of cultural offerings and shuttle services to table reservations in the city’s finest restaurants. Our top tip: the Salzburg Card for 24 hours with numerous sights and modes of transportation already included!


Additional information on the Salzburg Card:


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